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Krita is a drawing and painting software that was started by the KDE community in 1998. It's part of the KDE community, an international group creating free software. In 2012, they formed the Krita Foundation to support Krita's development. The foundation's goals include making free graphics software, helping Krita users and developers, and providing artists with what they need for digital art.

To achieve these goals, the foundation raises funds through donations. They've supported developers through fundraisers, like helping Lukáš Tvrdý work on Krita full-time in 2009-2010. Later, they backed Dmitry Kazakov, Timothee Giet, and Ramón Miranda for various projects.

People can help by donating or subscribing to the development fund. Currently, the foundation supports Dmitry Kazakov to work on Krita full-time. Other developers are also sponsored, making Krita better for artists.

In simple terms, Krita is a drawing program, and the Krita Foundation raises money to make it better. They support developers who work on improving Krita for artists around the world. People can help by donating money to the foundation.

Generative Ai For Krita 

Create images effortlessly in Krita with a simple process: choose an area, press a button, and watch new content that fits your image appear. You can also enlarge your canvas and seamlessly fill it with generated content. No need for detailed adjustments! If you prefer, you can use text prompts, but it's not necessary. This plugin aims to offer what "Generative Fill/Expand" does in Photoshop and more. Adjust the strength to refine existing content (img2img) or produce entirely new images without any hassle. For those who want more control, there are advanced customization options available.


  • Use Inpaint in Krita by selecting an area with the tools and removing or replacing content easily. You can guide the generation with simple text prompts.

  • For Outpaint, expand your canvas, choose an empty area, and let it automatically fill with content that blends seamlessly into your existing image.

  • With Generate, describe new images using words or existing images, supporting SD1.5 and SDXL. Refine existing content by adjusting the strength slider, which is also great for adding new elements to an image.

  • Experience Live Painting, where AI interprets your canvas in real-time for instant feedback. Control image creation with sketches, line art, depth or normal maps, or even character poses from snapshots. Adjust composition with segmentation maps.

  • Work efficiently at any resolution, as the plugin automatically adapts to AI model resolutions and scales them to fit your image region. Upscale images to 4k, 8k, and beyond without memory issues.

  • The Job Queue feature lets you queue and cancel image generation jobs depending on your hardware. Check results in History, preview them, and browse previous generations and prompts at any time.

  • Benefit from strong defaults with versatile style presets for a simple UI covering many scenarios. Customize further by creating your own presets, selecting Stable Diffusion checkpoints, adding LoRA, tweaking samplers, and more.


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